Monthly Soundtrack Reviews - Resident Evil 2

Soundtrack: Resident Evil 2
Album Art Source
Year: 1998
Composer: Masami Ueda, Shusaku Uchiyama and Shun Nishigaki
Stand Out Track: The Marshalling Yard The Latter Half
Works Well With: Horror, gothic novels

With Halloween merely days away, I had to pick a horror classic. And this soundtrack is very nostalgic for me.

Resident Evil 2 will always be my favourite in the series. Running through an abandoned city, avoiding the undead hordes? That's my kind of game. Plus Leon and Claire are the best Resident Evil characters (so long as I ignore everything that happens after RE4).

Anyway! Soundtrack review!

My stand out track really picks up the sense of isolation and abandonment. Walk around a quiet part of your town with this playing on headphones and you'll get such a great feel for this piece.

The soundtrack has some really great menacing and brooding pieces. Try The Front Hall or The Underground Laboratory. Both pieces are very ominous, and inspire visions of large, abandoned buildings that should be full of people and life.

I really like The Second Floor because it really feels like you're wandering around corridors, waiting for something awful to jump out at you at any minute O_O

There are faster paced pieces too, such as Escape from Laboratory and The Third Malformation of "G" for the terrifying moments when the zombies and monsters are chasing your characters down.

Both Secure Place and Sherry's Theme feel like they give you a respite from the horror surrounding you. Great for the quiet moments between scares in your book when you're building up to the next terrifying scene.

This is a great soundtrack, and an absolutely amazing game. Well worth listening to (and playing!) if you're looking for some creepy inspiration this Halloween.


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