Miss Cole's Tea Time - PG Tips Decaf

PG Tips is the most nostalgic tea for me. Growing up, it was the tea we drank as a family (except my dad who only drinks coffee). It reminds me of breakfast before school, even this decaf blend. PG Tips not only tastes good, it's really decently priced. If you're on a budget but you want a flavoursome tea, PG Tips is the way to go.

With the nights drawing in, I find myself craving decaf more and more. A good decaf should taste like its caffeinated version, and this does. I recommend at least a three minute brew to get the best of the taste. Curl up under a blanket, grab a notebook, and get some dark, autumn evening writing done. At least you won't keep yourself awake due to too much caffeine.

Unless you're writing horror...


  1. Oooh, I'll need to give this a go. I tend to switch to rooibos in the evenings as my decaf option: right now, going between Tetley rooibos and vanilla (a nice budget option), Bluebird Tea birthday cake rooibos and Adaigo teas caramel rooibos. I really like the sweet, dessert-y-ness of it all in the evenings.

    There are definitely nights that cry out for the traditional black tea before bed, though, so I'll have to grab some PG Tips decaf.

    1. Do! It's absolutely perfect and won't wreck a budget.


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