Miss Cole's Tea Time - A Cheap and Reusable On The Go Cup!


Sometimes when I want to go out and write, I wanna save myself money and take my tea with me rather than buy it out. It also frees me to go write in places that aren't coffee shops, places like the library or even the great outdoors. Now that autumn's creeping in, I'm in need of a warm cuppa by my side if I wanna go write in a park.

That means I need a cup I can take with me, and preferably one that 1) won't leak, 2) fits in my car's cup holder if I'm driving somewhere, 3) doesn't affect the taste of my tea and 4) keeps the tea warm for a good long while.

So, aware that I can't afford one of the pricier options right now, I picked up a Starbucks to go cup for about £1. Yeah, £1. If you take it back to the store, you get 25p off your drink. I don't go to Starbucks much these days (which is a huuuuuge change from the early days of my blog), but the cup still comes in handy! Highly recommended for people on a tight budget who want to take a nice cuppa out with them.

And for the eco-conscious among you, it's recyclable. Win! I wash by hand and use boiling water to remove any lingering washing up liquid. I've noticed if I don't, you can still taste the bubbles. Ick. But for a quid, I ain't complaining too much, or expecting perfection. It does what I need it to do.

Oh, and the furry grip was a gift from a friend in Texas. I use it frequently! ;)


  1. Oh man, I'll need to keep an eye out for one of these next time I'm in Starbucks (I'm a Costa gal, but those Pumpkin Spice Lattes are *lovely*)! £1 is dirt cheap for a decent reusable cup.

    1. Definitely! Mine sees plenty of use, too.


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