*hugs for all my fellow unrepresented writers*

Hi there, fellow writers who do not yet have agents. Whether you're drafting, editing or in the throes of querying, I want you to know you're not alone.

I also want you all to know that WE ARE AWESOME. We don't give up and we don't back down and we keep on going even when it's really tough. We try idea after idea, write book after book, and even when we have enough rejections to wallpaper a room with, we keep going. 

Don't you think that's something to be proud of? I do.

It's gonna take more that triple digit rejections to make me quit. Way, way more. 

Same goes for you. 

You're not the only one yearning for a "Yes!" from an agent. You're not the only one who aches every time it's another rejection. You're not the only one putting a brave face on it. You're not the only one thinking you're not getting emotional enough about it all. You're not the only one whose dream sometimes seems as unreachable as the stars. You aren't alone in thinking "why isn't this one good enough?" You're not the only one thinking "this time I'm gonna make it. This time I'll get there!" You're not the only writer thinking "...maybe I should've researched more agents before taking the querying plunge" or "...couldn't it be my turn for once?" or "what do I do if I never make it?"

All of us share the hope with every new batch of queries, or that little buzz when you find a new agent who could be a perfect fit. You're not the only writer who knows you can't give up even after several rejections in one day. You're not the only writer who has rejection coping mechanisms in place.

And you're definitely not the only writer who gets excited every time you think how amazing it's going to be when an agent tells you they love your book and they want to represent you.

So yeah, group hug! We unrepresented writers are brilliant.



    We'll all get there eventually, and it'll be worth the wait. :D

  2. This translates to all dreams in life :) never give up and keep believing they will come true.xx


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