Rejection and What To Do With Agent Feedback

There are plenty of form rejections out there, but sometimes, you may get a personalised rejection with some feedback from an agent. There's a lot of thoughts on what to do with agent feedback. The usual rule of thumb is don't change your story unless  a lot of agents have the same opinion.

My thoughts go something like this:
  • If an agent says they love the premise but weren't grabbed by the main character, DO NOTHING. This is personal taste.
  • If an agent says they love the main character but weren't grabbed by the premise, DO NOTHING. Again, this is their personal taste.
  • If an agent takes the time to highlight issues with sentence structure, pacing, spelling, specific areas that could use a tweak, think very hard about this and then probably edit accordingly.
I have yet to receive a Revise and Resubmit from an agent, but last month I received the most amazing feedback for Conspiracy of Echoes that I could not ignore. It took me five days of hard editing to tighten my sentences, but this was one example of agent feedback I had to do something about. It was a lot of very fiddly work, but I'm so glad I did it.

Have you ever felt compelled to edit your novel after feedback from an agent?


  1. Your handwriting is so cute! *covets*

    A detailed rejection is amazing! That means you're getting really close. So excited to hear CoE has been garnering interest. :D

    1. Every rejection is a step closer!

      *blushes* Thank you!

  2. keep up the good work, you are so close I know it. :D

    1. That is the nicest thing you could've said. Thank you <3


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