Miss Cole's Tea Time - Kenyan from Chi Trading

The lovely people at Chi provided a free sample of Kenyan tea for me to try. I am extremely grateful because it tastes so good. 

Kenyan teas are a perfect alternative to Assam. If you enjoy the strength but not the maltiness of Assam teas, Kenyan teas are what you want. And if you like really strong tea, brew this Kenyan tea for five minutes and add just a dash of milk. You'll get a very coppery, almost spicy taste that you won't find anywhere else. If you've got a big writing session coming up, a cup of this will give you the focus you need.

The tea leaves are quite long and fine, so be sure to brew for a minimum of three minutes. Four to five will give you a better taste. And as always, take care not to drown the tea in milk. If you like to put your milk in first, save a bit of the tea in your tea pot or infuser so you can top up your cup if there's too much milk.

Also, if you do like to dunk a little treat in your tea, try a ginger snap. Yum! It really compliments the earthy taste of the tea.


  1. Oh man, now I really want some ginger snaps. I never really thought of the Kenyan taste as slightly spicy until now, but you're entirely right!

    1. Get soooooome!

      Thank you! I brewed a particularly strong cup yesterday morning and it was the only word that described that little bite you get at the end of a sip.


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