Miss Cole's Tea Time - Infusers!

Today, I thought I'd take a look at the different kinds of infusers on offer. Why? Because it turns out I own a wide array of tea making devices! Shocking, I know ;) What? It's easier to have multiple options rather than wasting water with constant washing up...

This isn't even all of my infusers... ^^;

From left to right, there's my main tea infuser, a Tea Duck (I also have a Tea-Rex!), an old school tea ball infuser, the teapot, an infuser that can go in a teapot or a larger mug, and my (second) Ingenuitea.

Which one's the best? While I do prefer infusers that give my leaves room to swirl, there are times when I really want to contain the amount of stuff at my desk while I make my tea. The big infusers are the best for getting the most out of the leaves while not taking up too much space, but when the writing or editing is going well and I don't wanna keep getting up for tea, I need to have the teapot and a jug of milk on hand. Oh, and a tea strainer. Don't forget those if you're using loose leaf in a teapot without an internal strainer unless you enjoy picking leaves out your teeth. Ugh!

I do have a beautiful Jing tea set, too, and it's perfect for making tea at my desk because of its drip tray. I would've included it, but there's only so many infusers I can get into one photo :P

Tea Duck, as you can see, comes with a little chair to catch the drips. If I use the old school ball, I'll take a little bowl to drop it in because that thing will drip. The big metal strainer either goes in my teapot or I place it on its handy coaster. As great as tea stains are to give your desk that well used, hard working look, you don't want to run the risk of liquid getting into your electronics.

Do you have a favourite strainer? Would one of these tempt you away from using bags?

...Tea is the real reason I needed a bigger desk. It was nothing to do with my external monitor. It was all down to the tea.


  1. Tea infusers! I'm so late to this post, but I TOTALLY have a favourite. I have a few novelty infusers (including a standard teaball, a yellow teasub, an Attack on Titan titan infuser :D), but my favourites are two very practical ones that give the tea lots of room to infuse.

    My JING glass tea-iere is a favourite, though it's a little fragile to use anywhere apart from the kitchen. It's also really overpriced for what it is, if I'm being honest. You could get the same effect with a normal cafetiere and just putting tea leaves on top of the plunger instead of below.

    Another favourite is the much-more-reasonably priced WMF Tea Cup Infuser -- it's nice and big, taking a good amount of space in a mug and giving the tea plenty of room to swirl, and it's a really sturdy infuser that I've been using for years now without a spec of rust. And it's nice and lightweight, so easy to take into the office! It's a near indestructible thing too. It would probably survive the apocalypse.

    1. lol, good to know we'll still have tea after the world ends. YAY! :D

      Yeah, I've come pretty close to buying a small cafetiere for my tea, but so far I *think* I have enough infusers to last until the end of time ;)


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