Miss Cole's Tea Time - English Afternoon Tea from Twinings

I've had strong afternoon teas, I've had spicy afternoon teas, and now I've had a very light and refreshing afternoon tea. After hours of sitting at my desk writing, editing or hanging out on Twitter, Twinings' English Afternoon Tea provides a very refreshing break. In fact, if you've reached a roadblock in your writing, a cup of this blend will be just the soothing cuppa your weary synapses need to relax, let go, and find a solution.

I'm a big fan of Ceylon blends. I find Ceylon to be such a soothing tea, so when it's blended with stronger Assam and African teas, it really takes the edge off the malty tastes. This afternoon blend is such a great problem detangling tea. Just take a break, have a cuppa, and you'll be able to clear your mind of plot holes, character troubles and writing blocks. It's a definite "take a sip and sigh contentedly" tea. You know, my favourite kind.

Besides, there isn't a writing problem a tea break can't solve.


  1. Ooohhh, that sounds lovely! Ceylon blends are such a big difference to the heavier blends.

    1. They do. I know I'll love a blend with Ceylon in it


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