Handwriting For the WIN :D

Oh, how I do love a good notebook...

This post should probably be part of my Getting Back to Writing series, but I do it all the time and it's really an integral part of my writing routine.

Why handwrite? I hear you cry. You only have to type it up again later.

Ah, say I, ever a sagacious writer, you're already editing it when you type it up so in a strange way you're saving yourself a job later on.

CONSIDER ME CONVERTED TO THE WAYS OF HANDWRITING! I hear you cry out, and off you sprint to the nearest stock of pens and paper.

Yes, my readers, yes! Embrace the power of your own handwritten words upon paper. Feel every word, every sentence, every name flow from your mind. The act of leaving your keyboard behind and returning to simpler methods can free you from the SHACKLES of MODERNITY that CRUSH your CREATIVITY!!!!!

...Too much?

Okay, I write by hand because I find it a lot easier than lugging my laptop around. Really though, I just enjoy it. I can promise myself to write a single side, or I can do a coffee shop tour of Brighton while the book just flows from my brain onto the page. I handwrite large chunks of drafts because I enjoy it. Nothing more, nothing less. It works for me. I can try out an idea I've been toying with for a while, or I can get a plot out as soon as it occurs to me because I'm in the flow, and I can tweak and edit later when I type it up. I really feel the story when I'm writing by hand. If I've got some good music playing, and I can shut out the rest of the world, I am there in the world of the story and it rushes out. Might not always be legible later, but I love it while I'm writing it!

Writing out my stories works for me. Give it a go. Maybe it'll work for you, too.


  1. My pen of choice (uniball eye fine, lovely ink pen-ish pens with a slight smearing issue if you don't let them dry) has an ink meter down the side, which is a *lifesaver* when I'm worried my pen will run out on a trip.

    Notebook writing is my favourite thing too. It's so much easier to just set-up shop and start writing, absolutely anywhere!

    1. I use Uniball too. They are perfection. So smooth and effortless. Words fly across the page.

      Exactly! I don't have to carry a powercord with me when I handwrite, and I can take my notebook to work for those rare quiet moments when I can scribble down a couple of sentences.


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