Getting Back to Writing: Don't Rush

Had a break from writing and not sure how to get back to it? FEAR NOT! I will be sharing a series of posts on getting back into your writing over the course of September. Yay!

I didn't really intend to take a break over the summer. It just sort of happened. Life has a way of coming at you sometimes, and when writing is still the thing you do alongside your main day job, it has to take a back seat to all your other responsibilities.

I'm taking it slow with my WiP. I'm lucky in that I'm picking up a project I'd already begun, rather than dipping my toe in the cold waters of a shiny new idea that may or may not work out. But I've been there, too, and sometimes the need to write may be stronger than the idea you're playing with. That's fine! You don't have to be in a rush to write your next "an agent is SURE to want this!" book. You're allowed to take the time to write for you, and you alone. That may be exactly what you need to do to unlock your next really great idea.

After a long break, if you don't feel the urge to rush, don't pressure yourself into it. Take the time you need to remember where you were or to find your feet with the SNI. Seek inspiration wherever and however you can. When I went to Scotney Castle the other week, I did so to recapture the idea behind Ghost!Story book four. Don't be afraid to experiment either and just write random things. I'll cover that more another time.

Just write. It doesn't have to be much, and it doesn't have to be good. See what happens. If you write 100 words on your first day back, that's fine. If you write 2000, that's also fine. Don't pressure yourself, and don't let the pressure of other people tweeting/blogging/generally sharing their word counts make you feel bad about your own. It's not a competition. Write whatever amount you can. There's no rush to go from writing nothing for a while to writing thousands of words in a single go. Build up as you go. Let the idea take hold, or find your place back in the old one, and you'll be writing again just like you were before the rest of your life muscled in.


  1. Perfect timing! I had an unintended break over summer as well. Life sure can come at you quickly and all at once, can't it? Excited to see your tips! I'm wrapping up edits on my MS and looking to dig into new WIP that only has 2 Chapters!

    1. The summer is always too busy for lots of writing, hence an autumn return to all things wordy!

      Good luck to you :D


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