Step Back To Move Forwards

Sometimes, my first draft will just stall. To solve the problem, I'll step away, ponder it for a while, and wait for the solution to arrive. A lot of the time my solution is to go further back in the narrative and put in an extra scene or two. These additions develop something I'd undercooked. With a new element to the plot, I can carry on.

And I really, really, really want to share what I added to my most recently completed first draft but it is entirely too spoilerish.

I'll just leave this here...

Aaaaaaah I love it when writing is that enjoyable. It's what makes it all so worthwhile.

So, don't fear if you have writer's block! Maybe you just need to have a look over what's already on the page and what scenes can be expanded upon or added to.

I should probably add here that I don't edit a first draft as I write. I add scenes earlier on, but I won't edit what I already have until the entire draft is in front of me. Personally, I find editing a first draft as I go bogs me down. It's probably because I'm also a pantser. I have to get the story out. Shaping it into something not completely awful can come later.

What do you do when your first draft stalls?


  1. Like you said, stepping away helps. :) I won't try and write. I'll just leave it be, maybe watch something that I was inspired by or listen to the playlist I created for it and the mind starts plotting all over again. I'm a full on believer in taking some time away and just thinking over things.

    1. Yeah, seeking inspiration is a good idea.

  2. Replies
    1. I do love a good inspirational walk ^_^

  3. If I get stuck, it's usually because I've wandered away from my outline without properly foreshadowing. So I brainstorm or read over earlier chapters (I try not to edit as I go, though), so I can see how to solve the problem. Often, stepping away and thinking it over helps!

    1. Stepping away is like giving your muse time to regroup. I think it's something writers are nervous about because they worry they won't return to the book.


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