Monthly Soundtrack Reviews: The Last of Us

Soundtrack: The Last of Us
Album Art Source
Year: 2013
Composer: Gustavo Santaolalla
Stand Out Track: The Last of Us
Works Well With: Post apocalyptic stories, ghost stories, dark but not hopeless stories

This is a beautiful soundtrack. Stunning, actually. It's so sparse, like the music has captured life after the end of the world as we knew it. I love how the score uses each instrument so carefully. Utilising an entire orchestra would drown out the emotion. The music feels both intensely sorrowful and full of hope. You can imagine the empty, overgrown cities.

I don't think I've ever shared such a haunting soundtrack before. Vanishing Grace really captures the sense of things as they were and things as they are now in an empty and abandoned world, but The Path (A New Beginning) promises things can get better.

The soundtrack has some incredibly tense music. Listen to the drums in I Know What You Are. It feels like an entire city is coming to get you. The percussion in Infected is equally terrifying in its stark beats. If you just want to build tension, the menacing Breathless will have you looking over your shoulder because surely something is coming to get you!

There's a number of brilliant character pieces on here, too. Got a complicated and amoral character? Try Smugglers. Home is perfect for your main character's quieter, more reflective moments.

I really could review every single individual track, but just know that for any story's darker moments, this soundtrack will inspire your best writing. And if you own a PS3/PS4 and haven't played The Last of Us, you owe it to yourself. Yes, it's terrifying, and it will crush your heart, but it's so beautiful. So, so, so beautiful. This OST definitely belongs in my Top Five, and I'm not sure I'll listen to anything new in 2015 that will top it...

(We'll see how I feel after I go to Final Symphony II in September ;))


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