Miss Cole's Tea Time - Suki Breakfast Tea

I was so excited to finally bring some Suki Tea home. I've had some in Patisserie Valerie, and the amazing Tinderbox cafe, although I only tend to go there when I'm in Glasgow with my brother. In fact, my "local" Tinderbox is in London ^^; Feel free to come to Brighton! Mostly so I can always have Suki Tea ;) I will definitely be putting an order in on their website when my tea stash runs low again.

This blend has such an unique taste for a breakfast tea, and I really like it! I think it must be down to some of the tea in the blend coming from Tanzania. The mix of African and Indian teas creates such a smooth and flavoursome blend with this nice malty kick at the end. Certainly the tea to get you through an intense edit when you're on limited time.

Now, as this tea has quite big leaves, I recommend a minimum of four minutes to brew this. You want to get the richness of taste, believe me. This is why I love brewers I can take to my desk with me. I can let my tea leaves brew while I get to work. And if I don't take a big enough cup for all the tea in one go, I found this tea doesn't overbrew and damage the taste, so I can top up. Perfect!


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