YALC 2015! Weekend Overview

YALC was amazing!

This year, I went for the whole weekend. It was exhausting but so worth it! I have so much to share, and a single blog post won't cut it. This is going to be a general overview, but next week I'll share more of what I learned from the various panels, workshops, and seminars I attended.

After a brief queue on Friday afternoon, Emma and I made the most of our wrist bands and just strolled in on the Saturday and Sunday, which was a real luxury compared to last year's two hour wait in line. We met up with the lovely Sophie, too, and chatted with loads of fellow hopeful writers in the agent arena. Hiya, lovely new friends *waves*.

I spent a lot of time in the agent arena this year because it was an amazing opportunity to learn from authors, agents, and editors. I'm still in the process of condensing all that information into a more bite-sized blog post, so stay tuned next week for querying and publishing advice DIRECT FROM AGENTS... juuuust via me ;) I'll also share my tips for pitching to an agent in person :D

So, back to YALC! This year YALC and the London Film and Comic Con took place at the Olympia, and what a fantastic venue it was. WE HAD AIR CONDITIONING!!! Even more excitingly, YALC was on a floor away from the main event, which meant it was nowhere near as overcrowded or as hot as last year.

Pictured: People and SPACE!

The free stuff stand, the publishers, and Waterstones had more space to really show off this year.

And the best sign at YALC goes to Waterstones, for keeping us calm :D

The chill out zone was fantastic, too. We had lunch or a rest there every day.

My TBR pile is back in action. Ah well, I managed a day without one, right? :P

I met Patrick Ness, and did not shout at him about THE THING that happens in THAT BOOK THAT HE WROTE, and I raced over from a 1-2-1 with an agent in time to meet James Smythe who complemented me (and therefore my parents) on my name. How lovely! ^_^

Emma and I did venture down to the main section of the con. It was SO busy down there, but it was just so great to be surrounded by loads of fellow geeks. You go to a con and it's like "THESE ARE MY PEOPLE!" Upstairs at YALC and downstairs in the LFCC was like coming home. I wanted to high-five everyone.

And no, I did not come away from the LFCC empty handed ;)


All in all, it was a superb weekend and I can't wait to share more next week!


  1. What an amazing haul! I've got Sleeples waiting for me on my Kindle -- love Lou Morgan's fantasy (BLOOD AND FEATHERS IS AMAAAZIIING <3) so really excited to read her horror.

    Love Waterstone's sign as well. :D

    1. I'm really looking forward to Sleepless :D

      That Waterstones sign was one of the best things ever.

  2. Awesome photos! :D Ahhh, this is making me want to go back... and buy more pop vinyls. :P

  3. Can't believe it was already a week ago! Such a great weekend :) Great recap post! x

    1. I know! Time flies.

      Thanks! So glad you liked it :D


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