TL;DR: That's more like it!

Books added this week:

Weeeeeell *technically* I added this last month. It was a preorder. It just arrived on Saturday...

*cough* We'll see how huge this section is next Monday after YALC...

Books read this week:

DNFs: One. SF. I just didn't connect to the character.

DNFs are a great way of understanding why agents reject your query. The book might be really well written, but if I don't find something in the characters to like, chances are I'll put the book aside.

Currently Reading: Fall From Grace by Tim Weaver. Yes, I have read (almost) ALL THE TIM WEAVER BOOKS!!!! these past few weeks. They are some of the best thrillers I have ever read. If that's a genre you like, you need to read these.

At time of writing, there are just SEVEN BOOKS left in my TBR pile! How exciting :D


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