Monthly Soundtrack Reviews - Skyfall

Soundtrack: Skyfall
Album Art Source
Year: 2012
Composer: Thomas Newman et al.
Stand Out Track: Komodo Dragon
Works Well With: Thrillers

This is a fantastic soundtrack, and a definite favourite of mine from the Bond series... although don't ask me to choose between Casino Royale and Skyfall because I still can't. I am SO EXCITED for Spectre in the autumn. It's definitely my most anticipated film of 2015.

Bond soundtracks all have a unique sound. You can't switch Skyfall with Goldeneye for example. The music is so tailored to each film, and yet they're great to write with because they conjure up images of action, tension and intrigue.

I should point out that the soundtrack doesn't have Adele's song Skyfall on it, but it's definitely one of my favourite Bond themes. My standout track, Komodo Dragon, does feature a few bars from Adele's song.

The soundtrack has great pieces for all those intense moments. One brilliant track is Jellyfish. The dramatic opening slows down into an ominous beat that builds and builds; just like all good thrillers do. Health and Safety and Granbourough Road are perfect for chase scenes or dramatic fights.

A slower but no less brilliant piece is New Digs. It's perfect for characters who are busy spying or sneaking into someplace they shouldn't be in. Enjoying Death has a similar sound. I really like the hint of mystery to it.

Want a grand, sweeping, and epic track to inspire your writing? Listen to The Chimera. It's fantastic. Lots of brass and intense strings.

This soundtrack isn't all bluster and excitement. Without spoiling the film for those of you who haven't seen it, the soundtrack has some really moving music, too. Does your thriller feature tragedy? Mother will keep you in a suitable sombre mood to write it. Skyfall aches with isolation. Give it a listen for those moments when your character is alone in the middle of nowhere.

As with all the soundtracks I review, there are plenty more tracks to listen to, all of them brimming with inspiration. If you're writing a thriller, or just need to add some urgency and tension to your story, Skyfall is a great soundtrack to use.


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