Camp NaNoWriMo - Week Two

Current NaNo Total: 14210

My NaNoing is now spread over editing and the teency weency beginnings of the fourth Ghost!Story. I'm focusing heavily on edits now, as I want to get book two up to speed. Editing is going really well. I've got some super exciting plot developments coming together :D

Unfortunately, being back at work has slowed me down a lot. Had I not had last week off, I wouldn't have taken part in Camp at all. The day job in the summer months takes over my entire life, especially now I work 11 rather than 10 hour days. And with it being YALC this weekend, I really won't have time, so I won't be posting an update until the 29th.

Good luck to the rest of you NaNoers!

Writing Music For The Week:

Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata is the theme tune of my entire Ghost!Series ;)


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