Why I'm Writing a Series

Towards the end of the first draft of Conspiracy of Echoes back in January (and can we all just pause for a moment because O_O IT IS JUNE NOW WHAAAAAAT?!?!?), I was fairly torn on how to end the story. And as I wrote what I thought would be the ending, my characters just kept on telling me their tales and I realised the ending was actually the start of a whole new book. So I dumped all of the extra stuff into a document still titled "Ghost!Story Book 2 Whaaaaaat?!" and finished the first book a chapter earlier.

My characters are the driving force of my series, not the world or a plot device. I couldn't stop wondering about what would happen to my three main characters in the aftermath of the first book... and before I knew it, I had a book two, the beginnings of a book three, and the idea for a fourth book. My characters are evolving, and it's really exciting to go on the journey with them.

From page, to screen, and (someday) back to page again

And I know, I know - don't write a series when you haven't sold the first book. Well, WHATEVER. Why would I force myself to write something different when I'm writing these because I love them? Conspiracy of Echoes is in the really early days of querying, and I'm hopeful. I'm also realistic - I've written and queried three very different projects, and that tells me I'm perfectly capable of telling loads of stories. I have other books inside me. It's just right now I want to tell ghost stories. Lots and lots of ghost stories. Because I have an incredibly eager and vocal cast of characters and one book wasn't enough to tell their story.

Do you write series? What inspired you to do so?


  1. I totally agree! I always write what/when I'm inspired to. Why shift gears when you're super excited about youre current project?

    So far, I've happened to be ready for a break/switch when I finished the first book on my series, but I can totally see rolling ahead with multis someday!

    (and I think I'm doomed to always write series, I rarely think of an idea that wants to stick in just one book)

    1. Exactly! I'm having fun, and that's what matters.

      I keep switching between stand-alones and series. This time, the series has really, really stuck.

  2. I've always had ideas that are too big to be contained in one book. :P Maybe it's because I grew up with the Harry Potter books, but all my first book ideas were long series. But oddly, I've never had a standalone morph into a series before!

    1. I used to feel the same, but I found my stride with stand alones... until now :P


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