What's In My Bag - Editing Edition

When I'm editing, I tend to carry a slightly different array of stuff in my bag then when I'm drafting. I also tend to use a backpack as 1) large swathes of a manuscript are heavier than a notebook and 2) I have back problems.

So, with no further ado, here's my editing version of What's In My Bag :D

1) THE ACTUAL MANUSCRIPT Well, some of it. I learned long ago that I never needed to carry all of it (which is why I stopped hole-punching and ring-binding them) because I'm highly unlikely to get through an entire edit in one sitting.

2) The ACTUAL MANUSCRIPT on my Kindle I usually reach this stage after the first two major edits. It's a way to read through the story quickly without pausing every five seconds to note down mistakes. This is the best way to get an overview of the MS and see what's working and what really, really isn't.

3) Project Notebook Yes, this thing never gets left behind. When I'm editing, I make notes on the MS, but I also keep longer notes in my project book like so:

It might look complicated, but it really helps me focus on unnecessary paragraphs and dialogue, or areas where the plot needs tightening. Especially if I'm reading through on my Kindle. I found leaving notes on that too tiresome, which is why I went back to keeping a project notebook.

4) Pens I like to use different colours for different types of notes. Makes it easier to remember what the type of problem is later on.

So, whenever you see me running around Brighton with a massive backpack, looking like I'm still a student, chances are this is what I'm carrying.

What's in your On-the-Go editing bag?


  1. This is a really good idea. I always forget the MS on Kindle trick. It's a really good idea. Also are you on Instagram? Because I like these pics and I really think ... that they should be on Insta! (*spoken in Gru's voice*)

    1. It's why I bought the Kindle. It really helps me shift focus when editing.

      I have thus far resisted Instagram... But thanks!


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