Monthly Soundtrack Review - Star Trek

Soundtrack: Star Trek
Album Art Source
Year: 2009
Composer: Michael Giacchino
Stand Out Track: Enterprising Young Men
Works Well With: Science-Fiction, Action, Thrillers

Yeah, yeah, I know, should've done this one last month and Into Darkness this month, but whatever!

Again, I'll review the shorter version rather than the deluxe edition, because the shorter version is very easy to find.

Also, if you ever have the chance to go to a Star Trek Live concert, go go go go go! Hearing this and Into Darkness' scores performed live were some of the best musical experiences of my life.

If you've been around my blog for a few years, you'll know Star Trek is one of my favourite films of all time. It makes me so happy, and that's all we want out of life, right? It has a very uplifting score to go with it. My stand out track booms enthusiasm and determination. It's great to inspire strong, adventurous lead characters. Other tracks, such as Hella Bar Talk, are great for those moments when your character is making life-changing choices. Does It Still McFly? works so well for a cheeky character discovering the solution to their problem and going through with it. That New Car Smell is another of my favourites. It's brilliant for characters who've been through some of the hardest times in their life and come out stronger for it. 

Oh, and the End Credits on this score are phenomenal. The soaring Star Trek theme composed by Alexander Courage blends seamlessly with Giacchino's score. The music is triumphant, thrilling, tinged with danger, and full of hope. It still gives me chills six years down the line. And it is perfect to write with. I recommend playing it as you approach the finish line of a draft.

This is also a soundtrack with some great battle music. You've got plenty of choice if you're writing epic showdowns. I love the dramatic brass and percussion in Nero Sighted. You've got tense, ohmigosh will they survive this? music in Nailin' the Kelvin and Nero Death Experience, too.

And it wouldn't be a Giacchino score without a piece of music as tragic as Labor of Love. Your heart will ache. I recently listened to it and Buying the Space Farm from Into Darkness to write a particularly tragic scene recently. And then I had to listen to End Credits to cheer myself up again.

In other words, this is a very versatile score, and it will suit a huge range of stories and genres. I am SO EXCITED to get a new Star Trek OST next year.


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