Miss Cole's Tea Time - The Tea House Special Blend

Today's tea is one I picked up in London from The Tea House in Covent Garden. The instant you step into this lovely shop, the smell of tea welcomes you. Also, they sell amaaaaaazing tea-making paraphernalia. Well worth a visit when you're in London.

Yes, this is an old photo. No, I don't take photos every visit...

Now, I showed remarkable self restraint and didn't buy every black tea they had on offer. I contented myself with a small selection, the first of which I'm sharing with you today.

Their special house blend is a mix of three teas - Assam, Ceylon, and Sumatra. Together, they form a strong tea with a good, hefty taste, but thanks to the Ceylon, it doesn't have the malty bite of an Assam. Good to boot you out of bed in the morning and get to work, excellent to pick you up in that mid-morning writing lull when Twitter and the internet are calling you away from the really important stuff.


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