Miss Cole's Tea Time - Assam Decaf from Chi Trading

I was so excited to find another local tea company here in Brighton. Chi Trading operates out of the recently refurbished Brighton Market. Wow, that part of town sure is unrecognisable from the place I just about remember from my childhood. And look! NEW TEA! YAY! And, even more excitingly, loose leaf decaf! Wonders may never cease :D

This Assam is it is definitely mellower than caffeinated versions, but it still has that solid, earthy flavour Assam teas are known for. It is exactly what I need to support me through the last little bit of writing before bed. Strong enough to keep my mind engaged, soothing enough to mellow me out, and no caffeine to overstimulate me right before lights out.

I've always enjoyed writing at night, and having a really decent tasting decaf to keep me company is very exciting. Especially seeing as actual nightfall is pretty late these days. Ah, summer. You are not entirely conducive to writing horror novels set in the dead of winter...


  1. That does sound like a perfect bedtime tea. I'll have to check it out.


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