July Reading Challenge: TBR DECIMATION!!!!

I've decided July will be the month I tackle my TBR pile. Actually, I intend to DESTROY my TBR pile. Kinda. Sorta. Eeeeeh. I'll get to the rules in a minute.

I've realised over the years that I actually don't like having a TBR pile. Not when it's become a dump for books I bought for the sake of it. I've DNF'd more books than ever this year, and that needs to stop. Plus having an overly large TBR pile means I don't get to re-read older books I love. So, it's time for the TBR to go, one way or another.

If you want to hop aboard the TBR DECIMATION challenge, feel free! I'll be updating every Monday this month. Aaaand maybe August, too. We'll see how we go ;)

Here, lovely readers, is my TBR pile as it stands currently:

I know, I know, this is a tiny TBR pile. BUT IT'S STILL TOO BIG FOR ME

Now, about those rules. (Don't feel like you have to stick to my rules!) One: I'm not including Kindle books in this, and Two: The non-fiction I'm reading for research doesn't count either. Why? My Kindle books don't take up physical space, and my research books serve a far more academic purpose, and I dip in and out of them as necessary, rather than read them cover to cover.

I'd like to be super optimistic and say I'll be through all of them before I go to YALC on the 17th, buuuuuuuuut okay, yeah, that's not happening. Plus my TBR pile will be growing a lot this month as a few of my favourite authors have new titles coming out. Plus I have five books on their way from Waterstones as you read this :P

Wish me luck! And leave a comment if you fancy joining in. The more the merrier! SHOW YOUR TBR PILE WHO'S BOSS!


  1. Oooh, I'm definitely going to see about joining this -- got a library TBR pile I need to get through sharpish, and an actual TBR pile that's just... ridiculous. I'm almost ashamed to think of it.

    I'm a little worried CampNaNo might get in my way, but I'll do my very best to join in!

    1. Good luck with your multiple TBR piles.

      Yeah, I'm not sure how I'll balance work, reading and writing, but I'll do my best!

  2. My TBR pile is usually as large as the amount of books I can carry out of the library without hurting myself. ;) I am leaving for vacation tomorrow, and I plan on getting at least 3 books ready to go back to the library. Good luck, and I hope you enjoy every book!

  3. Good luck with your reads! I'm trying to tackle my TBR-shelf, but I think it's winning :)

    1. Thanks! Mine has been winning so far, but change is coming!


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