A Working Desk Isn't A Tidy Desk

I love looking at inspirational desk photos to get some ideas about how to make the most out of my desk space, but you know what I can't emulate, no matter how hard I (pretend) to try?

All that neatness.

It's not like I'm anti-neatness, it's just other than the rare times I tidy my desk, it's usually full of work, tea, and other life-related paraphernalia. And while I'm not a fan of clutter, I'm also not one for minimalism. So, while my desk did look this this the day I set it up:

It kinda looks more like this every other day:

I'm sure plenty of people work in far messy spaces. Mine can get a lot worse than this, but I can still get the work done. A messy desk is a sign that I'm working. I've got notebooks open, drinks ready, pens on standby, fangirly items all over the place... This desk is me and mine. Sometimes I'm compelled to tidy before I write, mostly because I can't get to the keyboard, but occasionally because the untidiness gets to me. On the whole though, if I can get to where I need to be, I'm there and I'm working.

And as nice as that tidy desk looks up there, it's not exactly the real story, is it? And why do I feel the need to make everything look just so for photos when in reality I'm really not that fussed? Yeah, I love those photos of desks when everything matches and is neatly lined up and looks absolutely perfect. They make me want to write! But life isn't like that. Life's a collection of things from all sorts of places. There's no reason why my desk shouldn't reflect my eclectic nature. And when I'm taking photos for my blog, I can't always be bothered to capture things at the right angles in the right light. I want it to look realistic, not posed.

In other words, don't feel like the photos for your blog have to be award-winning.

So, fellow writers, don't use "I must tidy my desk!" as an excuse not to write. Unless you can't get to the keyboard, then you should probably make a space for that. BUT AFTER THAT, FORGET THE REST AND WRITE!


  1. While I have a desk in our first bedroom, my real desk is the end of our couch. So much more comfy! =)

    1. That does sound comfy. I quite like writing in bed, too ;)


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