What's In My Bag - Drafting Edition

I like to get out and about when I'm drafting. Sometimes the only way to get it done is by hand where someone else is making the tea (or the hot chocolate).

Every book is different. Some don't want to have sections handwritten so I'll take my laptop instead, but if I'm honest, every book I've queried/intended to query had large sections written by hand first. So, with every project making different demands, I have to take all sorts with me.

So, here's what's in my bag when I head out to write:

It occurs to me I have a very busy office space...

1) Notebook This was a birthday gift from my eldest brother, and it has served me very well.

2) Pen Yeah, okay, I get a bit funny about pens, and I decided early on that bronze would go perfectly with the brown leather notebook. I have gone through about ten of these since December 2014...

3) Project book I never used to carry one of these around during the drafting stage, but as I'm creating a series, I have to make notes regarding characterisation or events I may need to go back and sneak into the previous story, or things I need to recall for the second book based on my re-reading of the first.

4) iPod Never leave home without it. Seriously. Might forget my headphones sometimes, but the iPod always makes it out of the house.

5) Smart Phone You never know when you're going to need to look something up or find some extra research material. Or, more likely, have a sudden burning urge to Tweet from a coffee shop...

So, what's in your bag when you're drafting?


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