Why I Blog: Sharing Advice

While I have yet to make the leap from unrepresented to published author, I've still learned a thing or two along the way. And if my experiences can in any way help you, then my blog is where I'm going share advice and tips. I like to think I've learned how to dig deep and keep going, and if I can do anything to help a struggling writer do the same, I will.

I mentioned last week that I learned a lot from checking other blogs, especially where querying is concerned. I've adapted a lot of what I've learned to my own needs and ways, which is why I like to share my experiences with all of you. Maybe I'll share something that can really work for you, or be adapted into your routine.

It's easy to feel you're "doing it wrong" if advice you see is the exact opposite of how you work. Before I found blogs, I used to read writing magazines or "How To" books, and I rarely found the advice suited me. The more I tried to change myself, the more frustrated I became. And then I found blogs and a wealth of free information coming from people like me. Hooray!

This is us, blogging community. This. Is. US

I'd like to think that sharing my method may help others feel more secure about the way they write. Or maybe knowing my way won't work for you will reassure you you've already got it right. Either way, I like to share because it's good to know I'm not as isolated as I think, and maybe people out there do avoid plotting and diagrams and post-it notes as determinedly as I do.

TL:DR version of this post: I want to help everyone feel good about their own work. And I want every writer to know they aren't alone in their successes, hard work, or struggles.

Yay bloggers!


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. ARGH! I'm sorry! I meant to hit reply but I hit delete instead. EPIC FAIL! I'm glad blogs helped you out so much. 15k is definitely not the norm for all. I have to be ON FIRE to hit those kinds of highs.

  2. Hip hip hooray for us bloggers/writers! Putting our words out there freely, not knowing who they are effecting but knowing it is sometimes enough that they - our words - are out there!

    1. Exactly! We're all putting a piece of ourselves out there. It's a huge commitment to make.


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