Camp NaNo - Week Two Progress Report

Goal: 10k
Current NaNo Total: 17431
Current Overall Total: 19434 (I started this project before Camp)

Yup, turns out 10,000 words was a tad conservative.

I'm writing a follow-up to my ghost story. When I finished the first draft back in January, I knew I wasn't quite finished with the characters. But I also knew I'm not the kind of person who can write a trilogy. I've tried. Instead, I thought I'd try writing a series along the lines of the Jack Reacher books - same characters, just with a different set-up each time. In other words, the books (assuming I get that far) could stand alone. I've got a little list of ideas I want to explore in the sequel, and it's running smoothly right now. Slower than the first book, but it's definitely moving onwards.

Writing Music For The Week

 Got to get into that haunting mindset ;)


  1. Amazing work! :D You destroyed that word count target with your awesome drafting skills.

  2. Hooray for progress! If only Camp NaNo was a real place. . . ;)

    1. Someone should set up a real life month long camp :P


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