Camp NaNo Progress Report: Week Three

Goal: 10k
Current NaNo Total: 25,267 
Current Overall Total: 27,270 (I started this project before Camp)

Alas, between working a 6-day week and catching a cold/sinus thing, progress slowed a bit. Still, better that then running out of steam. The plot is coming together nicely. It's just slow(er) going. Part of me keeps worrying because book one rolled right out in 30 days. However, this is book 2, and the characters are more developed, the plot is building on what went before, and I've got a lot to keep straight. This is good practice for me as a writer. Getting better at note-keeping all the time ;)

Writing Music of the Week:

Apparently, being a tad feverish makes me really crave the cheesy 90s music of my early teens...

Fun fact: that video was shot in my hometown of Brighton :D


  1. That song makes me happy - love 90s music :)

    Awesome job on your Camp NaNo progress!

  2. Yay for plots coming together nicely! Also note keeping is always a good thing when it comes to writing. :)

    1. Yay indeed :D

      Notes are very handy. I've never gone wrong when I have lots of detailed notes backing me up.


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