Camp NaNo Progress Report: Final Check-In

The finish line is in sight!
(okay, okay, I finished NaNo a while ago, but still :P)

Target: 10k
Current NaNo Total: 37388
Current Overall Total: 39391 (I started this project before Camp) 

Editing tried to take over. I want to get book 1 ready to query by the end of May, so it's the priority. However, it turns out editing the first book while writing the second is actually very complimentary.

So, back to book 2. I've made lots of notes for second draft improvements on this project when I get there, and I have an itty bitty summary of where I want this book to wind up. Re-reading book one reminded me of all the character development book 2 will need, but that's definitely a second draft issue. Right now I just want to deal with the main features of the plot and fill in the blanks later. And this week, with my cold/sinus thing steadily clearing up, the words are coming a lot easier. Hooray! I'd like to think book 2's first draft will be complete by the end of May, but let's see how those final edits to book one go... Not to mention I have to sort out my query letter and synopsis.

I definitely prefer Camp NaNoWriMo to the November event. Setting my own goal feels a lot more achievable. I wouldn't have been able to hit 50k this month, and if I'd tried, I know I wouldn't have been happy with the results. Instead, I can sit back and feel really good about what I've achieved, even if editing will be a real slog.

Writing Music For The Week

Yup, still on that nostalgia kick:


  1. Great job! :) I definitely find making edit notes as I go along helps me figure out where to focus revisions.

    Best of luck with finishing the draft, and the query letter and synopsis! Exciting! :D

    1. Thank you!

      Aaah, these revisions will need a lot of focus ^^;

  2. I'm really impressed that you can balance editing and sequel writing! I keep getting tempted to try that with the WIP... and then running away scared of the idea, haha.

    1. It has never worked before, but as I get deeper into the second book, I can leave a few breadcrumbs in the first ;) It works very nicely.


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