Why You Need Downtime

You need downtime. Time between projects. Time between edits. Time away when life's getting a bit crazy. Sometimes, you have to take a step back from your writing and your blog to refresh and recharge yourself.

How you use your downtime is totally up to you, it's just important that you take some time out now and then. Burning out isn't fun.

My violin practice sessions are a lot longer when I haven't got editing or writing to worry about. I like to play a few videogames or catch up on TV shows. I also try to get out and about by going for walks. You should never stop seeking inspiration! After all, it's in your downtime that inspiration may strike.

I've been in Savannah this week, enjoying the historic district and taking a break from my editing. I used my time to seek inspiration, too. It was so exciting to just let the ideas flow.

Exploring Bonaventura Cemetery
Taking a relaxing walk around Savannah's historic district

Don't be afraid or feel guilty to say "I need to stop." Don't let what others are doing force you to carry on when you really need a break. Sometimes you have to just walk away. It's not forever. It's not a sign you're faking it as a writer or whatever. It's you taking some time for yourself to reinvigorate yourself. Enjoy it! Your writing will still be there when you feel ready to return...

...from Woodbury!!!!


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