Where To Write and Have Tea In Brighton

Today, for fun, I thought I'd share with you all some great places in my hometown of Brighton where you can write and have tea (or a hot beverage of your choice!) in comfort and style. The places I'm sharing all have unique atmospheres, but I find them highly conducive to writing.

Now, this is by no means a comprehensive guide. I haven't even scratched the surface of the places where you can go. These just happen to be some of the most fun.

Small Batch Coffee Company

Small Batch is a brilliant Brighton coffee shop company. I don't drink coffee, but everyone I know who does tells me theirs is the best. I can definitely tell you they know how to do tea properly. They use loose leaf from Jing and, after brewing it, pour it into an empty pot so it doesn't steep too long and lose the taste.

Small Batch have a number of branches across Brighton and Hove. I did try and pick my favourite, but I actually can't because I like to write in all of them! These photos are from their Norfolk Square branch (which is right on the Brighton/Hove border), but the easiest one to find for non-Brightonians is definitely their Jubilee branch.

Oh, and can I also recommend their hot chocolates? They are the best in Brighton. So chocolately, so smooth, and just the right amount. Yum!

Cafe W - Waterstones

This is quite new, as it used to be the best Costa in Brighton. While I was very sad the Costa disappeared, the replacement is wonderful. They serve Suki Tea, and look how cute it is!

The cafe is spread out over two floors. I recommend going to the third floor if you're looking to get some work done, as the second floor section is in the children's area, and children aren't exactly the quietest ;)

Pavilion Tea Company

If you're coming to Brighton as a tourist, you need to go to the Royal Pavilion. It's one of the most amazing building's you'll ever visit in your life. And then, on your way out, you can stop off for tea in their smaller tea room (there's a larger one within the Pavilion itself, but you have to pay to go around the Pavilion to access it, unlike this one). It is quite little in here, so this isn't the place to go with a writing group, but for one to three writers, it's a nice fit and it's small enough that you won't be too distracted. Plus check out the great teapots! Those things are heavy, and they make a great cuppa! 


This might be the most Brighton of all coffee shops the city has to offer, because it is just so eccentric. I mean, this was opposite my table:

The downstairs of Marwood looks like every Internet Meme ever threw up on it, and as such has to be experienced yourself. There's something to laugh at on every wall. My personal favourite is the shrine to Brian Blessed ;) It's so busy in here, but in such a madly creative atmosphere, it's easy to get some writing done. Well worth visiting when you're in Brighton, if only so you can see what awaits you when you open the door to leave... ^_^

So, there you have it! A handful of places to write when you come to the wonderful city by the sea that is Brighton.


  1. What lovely shops! I'd love to visit someday, I grew up reading Marion Chesney's Regency romances, and Brighton was a place that sounded wonderful. And I'm sure it's only improved since those days... ;) If I ever make it, I'll visit one of these shops, for sure!

    1. Sounds like the Pavilion is definitely the best for you :)

  2. I neeeeed to go back to Brighton!


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