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Yeah, I've yet to turn into a planner as a fiction writer, but as a blogger I plan a lot. I decided 2015 would be the year I took blogging more seriously, with a certain number of updates a month. I bought myself a diary, and I use it to write down what I'll be posting on what day. I tend to plan a month in advance, although typically of me, sometimes I'll blog about something completely different to what I've planned.

I use Sundays to draft all my posts for the upcoming week. I've found this is the perfect way to keep on top of my blog while I'm writing/editing or spending a lot of time at the day job.

It's nice to have a plan for my blog. I can brainstorm a month or so in advance and ensure I have good posts for you all to read. I can also plan a series of posts, giving myself time to gather materials... or visit a ton of my favourite coffee shops. Being ahead of myself keeps me from burning out or worrying about not having something ready. I really enjoy blogging; it keeps me honest. And it's good to practice a different type of writing.

How do you like to approach blogging? Do you write when you're inspired, or is your blog part of your routine?


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