Miss Cole's Tea Time: Kusmi Breakfast Tea

Today's tea is becoming a favourite. It's been a while since I featured a breakfast tea, so why not go with the strong and unique Kusmi blend? It's a Russian-founded company now based in France, and should I ever find myself in Paris, I'll be sure to find them! Until then, online orders and the London shop (which I hope to visit this weekend!) will have to do ;)

You can't help but admire how beautiful that tin is. Such lovely artwork! I've had this caddy for a couple of years now. It definitely stands out, and so does the taste.

It has quite thin leaves, so you are going to want to brew it for at least four minutes to really get the best taste. I also recommend a scoop and a half per person, otherwise you'll miss out on its great flavour. And be sure not to use too much milk if you don't brew it for long enough, because you really will overpower the taste. I find it to be smooth, with just the right kick at the end, which is what I want from a breakfast tea. Gentle enough to ease you into the day, while simultaneously making sure you're awake and ready to write.


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