Miss Cole's Tea Time: Ceylon Kenilworth from Whittard

It's official, lovely readers. Ceylon is my go-to tea for relaxation. It has such a smooth taste, and because it doesn't have the punch of an Assam, it's perfect for afternoon and evening drinking. Or during the middle of a particularly busy day at work ;) I picked this one up from Whittard based on its aroma. For me, there's something almost buttery in its scent.

I recommend brewing this for at least three minutes, and not drowning it in too much milk. That way you can appreciate the subtle taste. I know, I know, take the milk out and you'll taste nothing but tea, but I still prefer mine with it.

Not only could this tea be exactly what your mind needs to transition into writing, but also to relax afterwards. If you've had a tricky scene to write, or a lot of editing to work through, you deserve a nice, soothing cup of tea. You can't go wrong with a nice cup of Ceylon Kenilworth.


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