Miss Cole's Tea Time - Assam Namdang

Oh, Tin Roof Teas, how long it has been since I could taste your delights. Thanks to my wonderful friend Laura, I have a new Assam tea from them. And it is soooo good. So strong, yet so smooth, which doesn't always happen with Assam tea. Sometimes you can get too much of an aftertaste, but not with this tea. I am a big fan of it.

This is your perfect afternoon tea. Had a long morning of editing? This Assam Namdang is your perfect break tea. Smooth enough to be relaxing, caffeinated enough to get you going again. As you can see, the lovely people at Tin Roof recommend taking it with cream and sugar. Personally, that's not for me, but this tea goes very, very well with cake.

I will be heading to Tin Roof Teas next month, so I'll be sure to pick up some more of their delicious teas to review :D


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