Going Internet-Lite at the Weekends

Since the start of the year, I've really cut down on my internet use at the weekends. It has worked wonders for my productivity. I wouldn't have a second draft of my WiP so soon if I hadn't.

With my phone connected to my e-mail, I couldn't go cold turkey. Blogging also meant I needed to go Internet-Lite rather than Internet-Free as I use Sunday mornings to prep my blog for the week. I couldn't keep up with it all if I didn't.

Besides those two unavoidable things, I've been surprisingly disciplined. Getting away from random browsing has been so helpful. I've really been able to focus on my work.

If you want to go internet-lite, I recommend setting up your e-mail on your phone or, if you can't, being really strict with checking it. After that, or if you're just going cold turkey (you brave, brave people!), stick your computer on Airplane Mode, and don't access the web on your phone, either. Without the distraction of whatever websites you most like to browse, you'll be amazed at how much easier it is to focus on your current project.


  1. This s great advice, but I'm hugely distracted by how amazing that shortbread looks.

    1. It is soooooo good! Goes perfectly with tea ;)

  2. Will definitely be attempting Internet lite this weekend, need the focus now that the writing juices are flowing again.
    Have A great weekend :)


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