My "I Want To Write..." Notebook

Sometimes my brain likes to chuck out random ideas when I'm busy working on something else. Rather than trying to remember them all for a later date, I decided to keep track of them in a notebook.

Some are simple, like "I'd like to write a book with lots of action!", whereas others are a bit more detailed or personal. I have no idea if I'll ever write any of them, but it's handy to have a ready depository of ideas I can dip into. Plus it's a handy companion for my Character Bank.


  1. This is why I always carry a notebook. Almost all my book ideas come from earlier ideas that I scribbled down, sometimes years ago, and keep coming back to. It does help to have a store of ideas ready for future WIP's! :)

  2. I have a Google doc that I have a list of all my story ideas in. I've finally realized I have a hard time working on multiple projects at once, so it's a nice place to keep all my ideas until I'm ready to work on them!


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