Monthly Soundtrack Reviews: Uncharted 3

Soundtrack: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
Year: 2011
Composer: Greg Edmonson, with Azam Ali, JD Mayer and Clint Bajakian
Stand Out Track: Nate's Theme 3.0
Works Well With: Action and adventure stories.

The more I listen to this soundtrack, the more I love it. It's so cinematic in its quality, and it lends itself so well to those of us writing action-packed adventure stories. It's got a great opening theme, and there are some brilliant pieces for chase scenes. One of my favourite sections of the game features the brilliant Boarding Party, which starts with a mellow, mysterious air and then explodes into action.

This soundtrack is especially brilliant for chase scenes set in deserts or other hot places.Badlands and The Empty Quarter will make you feel like you're sweeping over epic, arid landscapes.

There are some great quieter tracks, too. I really like the use of classical guitar music in Small Beginnings. It's repeated to great effect in the more up-tempo Museum Bust, which is another favourite for writing those really decisive chase scenes. You've also got Drake's Return, for those calmer, more character-driven moments.

Where this soundtrack really shines is when it's going for big, bold, intense moments. The broody opening to The Setup gives way to a good dramatic piece with a great buildup. Perfect for characters about to face a big showdown. And if your story's build up takes place in a non-Western setting, be sure to check out tracks like Bazaar Brawl or The Caravan.

Oh, and if you have a particularly trippy moment in your story, this soundtrack has you covered with Mindgames. It's a quieter, more menacing piece.

The great news is, this soundtrack is available on iTunes! Check out the previews and see what you like. And if you enjoy this music, chances are you'll love the other Uncharted OSTs. They've been essential to my current WiP.

Also, on a totally unrelated to music note, I love how the cover to this OST sums up Nate, the main character, so well. If Nate isn't walking away from something he just blew up/burned down/generally destroyed, it ain't an Uncharted game.


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