Miss Cole's Tea Time: The Tea Ritual

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first tea post of 2015. I thought I'd start the year with a post about my tea ritual. Before I start to write in the mornings, preparing tea just the way I like it can really help get my fuzzy brain in gear. I'm one of those people who has to set their alarm a good hour or so before I actually need to be awake so I can get out of bed on time.

I like to put all my bits and bobs on a tray so it's easier to carry upstairs. Preparing your tea ritual, other than a way to wake yourself up in the morning, is a great way to gather your thoughts before you sit and start writing, editing, planning, reading, blogging, or whatever it is you intend to do. I'm currently getting to grips with a big new project that requires a lot of research, so my morning tea ritual is a great way for me to think about where I got to yesterday, what research I need to carry out, and where my story will be going when I sit down to work on it.

I don't really have the space to keep everything on my desk, so the teapot and strainer go on my Ikea trolley (best. office. purchase. EVER), while the teacup, milk, and leftover Christmas chocolates remain close by. The great thing about having the teapot and milk with me means I don't have to keep getting up and going to the kitchen to make a new cup. I can get about three decent cups out of the pot, which is plenty to keep me going.

For me, a tea ritual is about creating a space for myself to take a few minutes to prepare for the day ahead, both the writing part and the day job.

Do you have a tea ritual?


  1. Oh my gosh, those tea and milk cups are adorable. :D And the teapot is adorable! Ahhhh it's all so cute!


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