Miss Cole's Tea Time: Pekoe Tea's English Breakfast

Today's tea comes from the delightful Pekoe Tea of Edinburgh. When I was in Scotland last October, I ventured over to Edinburgh from Glasgow specifically to go to their shop and I'm glad I did, because today's breakfast tea is one of the smoothest blends I've ever had the pleasure to start my writing day with. Also, their shop is lovely. I'm amazed I limited myself to the teas I bought and didn't buy half their teaware as well. 

I brewed the tea for roughly three minutes. The finer leaves means it brews quite rapidly, so you can adapt that time as you see fit. Personally, I like my Assam strong and always take milk with it.

This particular blend of Assam teas worked perfectly for me as my morning pick-me-up. The malty aftertaste wasn't as noticeable as some Assam teas can have, which makes it another perfect tea for those of you just starting out with black teas.

I can't wait to get to the other Pekoe Tea I bought. And good news for all of you not in the UK - they deliver worldwide, hooray!


  1. That sounds soooo lovely right now. Might need to order some. :D

    1. You should. It's slightly more local for you ;) And this is a delicious tea. Can't wait to try their others :D


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