Miss Cole's Tea Time: Oolong from Jing

Today's tea, and the tea set, were birthday gifts from my eldest brother. A lot of upcoming reviews will be marked as gift. Christmas and my birthday provided plenty new teas for me to taste. Hooray!

I'm pretty new to Oolong, but I'm definitely keen to try more. It's a different taste to what I'm used to, but definitely one a lot of black tea drinkers will find oddly familiar as it's used in a lot of other blends.

What is Oolong, you ask? Well, it's a type of tea grown in China and, in the case of today's, Taiwan.

This particular Oolong is Jing's Li Shan tea. I love the taste after a three minute brew. I drink it without milk or sugar. You'll notice the tea takes on a golden, green hue. It has such a smooth taste, with the strength of a black tea, but the floral touches any Earl Grey fan will definitely appreciate.

And I really like watching the leaves unfurl in the teapot. So pretty!

My brother treated me to this beautiful Glass Gong Fu Tea Set from Jing for my birthday, and it's perfect for sampling new teas. Not only do teas brew beautifully in the teapot, but the whole set up is designed to give you time out of your working schedule to slow down, think, and relax. Sometimes I'll have a small tea ceremony during my violin practice, other times I'll do it when I need to take a break from writing and think a few things through or make notes for research.

You can have extra hot water ready to refill your pot or, if you prefer, you can brew for your preferred length of time and decant it into the second jug to keep the leaves from steeping too long. And the tray is perfect to pour any excess water in to. Very handy when you're sitting at your desk and don't want to risk spilling water on any electronics.

Do you like Oolong? And does the preparation and drinking of tea translate into a time for contemplation for you?


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