Coping With Rejection: Keep Writing

For the month of January, I'm going to run a series on rejections, because if there is one thing I can call myself an expert on, it's rejections and learning to keep going. It's also really good to know you're not alone. We all get rejections. Sure, some of us way more than others, but never feel like you're the only person on the planet to get them.

A few key rules to remember about rejections, which I'll expand on in later posts:
  1. It's never personal. I know it feels like it at first, but it's a rejection of your *book*, not you as a person.
  2. Never respond in anger. Ever. Not to the nice rejections, not to the form rejections, not even to the curt rejections.
  3. Find something to take your mind off it. Easier said than done, I know, but querying is a really great time to find a new hobby. Learn a musical instrument! :D
I'm going to expand on that last point today.

Whether it's by hand or on a computer, you've got to write

Colony, my currently querying project (and earner of two rejections already in 2015!!!), will always be a favourite. Neither of last year's major projects were quite as much fun to write, and that can be tricky when you're querying. You're getting rejection after rejection on the thing you love, and the replacement projects aren't quite as shiny or exciting. It's easy to believe you'll never have another book you could describe as "the one", and the misery of rejections just compounds your self-doubt.

Fight that doubt. Work through it, because you definitely have another "one" inside you.

It took me until December of 2014, but I finally found my new "one". Like Colony, the SNI built up inside me in various ways for years. For whatever reason, December was finally the right time for it to emerge.

The only way to discover all the potential stories within you is to move on from that querying project, keep writing, and see what comes out. Don't give up just because the agents aren't asking to represent you. Don't give up because the first idea you go with doesn't work out. Keep on writing. You've got more stories to tell. You've just got to dig your way down to them.

I know that mounting pile of rejections suck. Totalling every rejection I've ever had puts me close to one hundred, but I can't give in, because this is what I want in my life. I want to be, and I damn well will be, an author. I'm going to keep writing, because I don't know any other way. And there is an agent out there who will want to represent me. I've just got to find them.


  1. <3 Great post, Miss Cole.


  2. Yes, yes, YES. We all just have to keep going, keep trying, keep writing and believing. One day those rejections are going to be just a tiny part in our success stories!

  3. Love this post. :) The best way to cope with rejection is to write something new and shiny, even if it takes a while to find the right project (as happened to me last year). That last paragraph - YES. Even if I hadn't decided to go down the self-pub route, I'd still be writing! Success is just around the corner! ^^

    1. Yeah, sometimes you have to go through a few ideas until you find the one that really sticks.

  4. Did I reply to this already? I'm not sure - anyway, having just received another rejection this was very timely, so thanks! Good to remember these things, even if it's tough sometimes. But hey, we'll get there one day, I'm sure :) Great post! xx

  5. Best wishes for querying Colony. :)

  6. That just means you're two rejections closer to a yes, right? And I've recently just realized my current project is the "one", and even though it's not ready to query, I'm already afraid of what will happen when it is. I'll just have to keep writing!

    1. Exactly! ;)

      Oh, don't worry about that. Just write and enjoy yourself ^_^


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