Monthly Soundtrack Reviews: Awakening and Light by Project Destati

Soundtracks: Awakening and Light
Year: 2013/2014
Composer: Yoko Shimomura, arranged for Project Destati by Kristin Naigus, David Russell, and Sebastian Wolff
Stand Out Track: End of the World
Works Well With: Everything!

I adore the music from the Kingdom Hearts series, and the wonderful team over at Project Destati have made amazing and affordable covers of some of the best music composed for the games. I decided to review both of their albums together as they compliment each other perfectly, and provide a great selection of music. Both have been lovingly created, and are top quality productions.

Click here to hear Awakening, and here for previews of Light.

You've got great, haunting pieces, such as End of the World and Destati. Then, to lighten the mood, there's a fantastic arrangement of the Destiny Islands theme. Oh, and the Gummi Ship Rhapsody cannot be faulted. It's just so whimsical!

Character pieces, such as Sora, Kairi, and Riku, will suit cheery, determined, and redeemed characters respectively, and if you've got a more tragic figure in your story, you'll find Roxas/The Other Promise will inspire any moving moment.

Set your story in a magical location? Try Traverse Town or Welcome to Wonderland. And a HUGE thank you from me to the team at Project Destati for including the marvellous Secrets of Neverland. It's a personal favourite, and a great piece for mysterious locales.

Honestly, it's hard not to sit here and list what's amazing about every track, but trust me when I say these albums will have something for every kind of manuscript. Naturally, they lend themselves very well to fantasy, but some of the more intense tracks, such as Rage Awakened, are perfect for super tense moments and epic battles ;) Man, I love the use of the drums in this piece.

Kingdom Hearts fans, music fans, writers... EVERYONE! You need these albums in your lives.


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