Miss Cole's Musical Advent Calendar! Day Nine

Day Nine of my musical advent calendar, and today have I got a treat for you. Two Steps From Hell makes music for trailers, and they are a writer's best friend, because all their music conveys emotions. If you check out the previews on their website, I guarantee you'll hear that bit of music from that trailer you really liked ;)

Today's music is my absolute number one favourite piece of music Two Steps From Hell has ever put together. It is the best track to write with for those really happy ending scenes. It's just beautiful, and I love how it builds from a quiet start. Guaranteed to make you swell with emotion.

Direct link here

Happy endings all round, yay! :D


  1. This is so beautiful and unique! Definitely checking out some of their other music!

    1. You should! They have a great selection available on iTunes :D


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