Miss Cole's Musical Advent Calendar! Day Four

Day four of my musical calendar. I'm really enjoying sharing some of my favourite music with you all. After all, it can be such a great way of unlocking your imagination and shaking a good idea free.

I'm sharing music from one of my favourite violinists and a huge musical inspiration, Lindsey Stirling. She is super talented, and her music is so brilliant to write with. If I can ever play the violin as well as her, I'll be pretty happy ;)

So much of Lindsey's music is great for getting into a character's head. And that's why I've chosen today's piece; it's a perfect for anyone who's exploring a character who might be a bit unsure of themselves, but they're going to follow their heart anyway.

Direct link here

Do you have any favourite violin music you like to write with?


  1. I love Lindsey Stirling! That's a beautiful piece and so's the video. Thanks for sharing with us.


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