Miss Cole's Musical Advent Calendar! Day Fourteen

Day Fourteen of my musical advent calendar and today is a special day as it's my Final Fantasy VII anniversary. I first played what is still my favourite game of all time SEVENTEEN YEARS AGO today. Wow. That's just astonishing. Seventeen years. Where did that time go?

I've talked recently about what this game means to me, and so it's only right that I share a piece of music from Final Fantasy VII today. Now, I could go for one of the game's epic themes, but I decided to go for one of my favourite quieter pieces.

Anxious Heart is so haunting. Anyone who's played this game will be instantly taken back to the Train Graveyard. Anyone who hasn't, close your eyes and see where your imagination takes you.

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  1. Anxious Heart! Did you go to Final Symphony last year? They played it as the secret encore <3

    1. :O No waaaaay! I wish I had! I went to Distant Worlds in November. I would LOVE to hear this as an orchestral piece. Thanks for letting me know it exists. I can live in hope that someday I may hear it :D

    2. Well it just so happens that as we speak, Nobuo Uematsu and the London Symphony orchestra are recording a "Final Symphony" album at Abbey Road. So hopefully you'll get to hear it early next year :-)

    3. I know! I heard on Classic FM the other night. I am so excited :D


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