Miss Cole's Musical Advent Calendar! Day Eleven

According to Susan Hill's The Woman in Black (which, if you haven't read, you need to immediately), Christmas is the time of year to sit by a crackling fire and tell each other ghost stories. If that's the case, I know exactly where I'm going for scaaaaary music. I apologise in advance that this doesn't seem to be available on iTunes, but it's one of my favourite creepy pieces to write with, so I had to share it. Thank goodness for Youtube, right? :D

Direct link here

I love the atmosphere this creates. Unlike Day One's piece of music, rather than dancing through a snowy forest, I feel like I've lost my way in one instead, and there's no telling if I'm safe or in imminent danger. This is a great piece of music for any horror writers out there, and I cannot state enough how worth your while it would be hunting down all the Silent Hill soundtracks if you write creepy tales.


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