Miss Cole's Musical Advent Calendar! Day Nineteen

With Christmas so close, it's about time I put some music on here that's actually festive, don't you think? ;)

Tchaikovsky is one of my favourite composers, and one day I'd love to do his music justice with my violin. For now, though, I shall simply bask in marvellous performances of his most iconic music. And what could be more festive than something from The Nutcracker?

Direct link here

Now I feel festive ;)

Who are your favourite classical composers?


  1. Tchaikovsky has some amazing compositions. Sugar Plum fairy just happens to be one of my all time favorites. As a kid, I begged my parents every year to take me to some sort of Nutcracker presentation (I usually got my way too ;) )

    1. Doesn't he? I am having a lot of fun exploring his compositions. There's so much to hear.

      Nice job with the parents ;)


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