Miss Cole's Musical Advent Calendar! Day Eighteen

Today's music comes from one of the greatest games ever made, and if you're writing science-fiction, especially science-fiction with a darker edge, you owe it to yourself to explore the Portal soundtracks beyond Still Alive (which is great to sing along with in the car ^_^)

There are some great, brooding pieces on these soundtracks, and some truly haunting pieces, too. I decided to go with a favourite from early on in Portal 2, when you first find yourself walking around the abandoned and derelict testing centre...

Direct link here

Music like this is an essential part of my writer's kit, because as I listen I immediately feel isolated in a strange, unsettling place. Handy, when your characters are exploring places they probably shouldn't be venturing into...

What music do you use to create a sense of location?


  1. This is a wonderful soundtrack - my son listens to it a lot. Can't believe we've already hit 18. *takes deep breath*

    1. It's fantastic. Definitely one I'll explore in depth at a later date.

      Yup, the 18th already. Hang in there!


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