That One Time I Bought A Notebook...

Despite the fact I have a novel I'm currently editing, my brain seems to have shiny new ideas on an hourly basis. Walking around London last Saturday morning, I found myself musing on a whole bunch of things that don't really go together, and the next thing I knew I'd bought a new notebook to commit a SNI to paper, and plonked myself down in a cafe with a cuppa...
Then I came to my senses, realised said SNI was a tad blah, and went back to editing.

That shiny new notebook is now my "homework" book for my violin lessons. (Note to self - work on those scales to improve intonation!)

Sometimes I get so caught up in the rush of wanting to start something new, I get carried away. Was that idea milling around my head last Saturday any good? Maybe. Am I ready to write it? Nope!

Still, it's good to know my brain is hard at work cooking up new ideas, whether I'm ready for them or not. And I can still write down something, even if the idea isn't ready to be fully developed.


  1. That's the odd thing about shiny new ideas. Sometimes they arrive properly formed, and sometimes they take longer! Maybe you'll go back to it later on. :)

    1. I very well might when it's slightly longer than a single image ;)


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